"Maglificio BM" was born in 1972 from the stubbornness of a man, Eugenio Luoni and his wife Carla Bollini.

Specializing in the manufacture of "shuttle" fabrics, he travels the world to discover new yarns and technologies as a manager - technician and expert of one of the best-known companies in the textile industry. Child fashion becomes a real mission, and the company specializes more and more.

The garments made with fabrics in natural fibers (wool, cotton, linen, etc.), use a constant research in design and style fabrics. Collections made of practicality and quality. These are the elements that characterize the production, which today give the added value to the product.

The company produces a total look divided into 4 age groups: Baby cot-Newborn-Baby-Junior. The production is located in different areas of the world and all the products are checked and finished in their details in Italy.

The research and creativity activity are strictly made in Italy.


The know-how

Today the knitwear bm distributes about 2,000,000 garments a year on the European market for a turnover of about 15 million euros. The company is located in an area of about 15,000 square meters, with about 50 employees and freelancers.

Each person follows the different stages of production quality control, sales, design, research and administration.

The products will be distributed in the best stores specialized in children's fashion and in some corners within Italian and European distribution chains, as well as in single-brand stores. The company, with its historical experience and a dense network of contacts, can count on a distribution and widespread sales network.

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